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Monica was born in Cuba and grew up with music in her blood. She began her musical and violin education in Cuba at the age of seven. When her family moved to Mexico, motivated by her desire to know more about how her musical instrument was made, she begins to learn the art of violin making.
After making her first three instruments under the tutelage of European trained Mexican Luthiers, she decides to switch her focus from violin playing to violin making, and in 2003, she is accepted to join the École Internationale de Lutherie de Mirecourt. After a year in Mirecourt she starts working in L’Atelier Meteny (Brussels, Belgium) with violin maker Pascal Gilis. After leaving Belgium she gained experience in several ateliers in France, USA and Canada. In 2009 she gets the Certificate of Professional Aptitude (Certificat D’Aptitude Professionnelle) given by the École Internationale de Mirecourt.
In 2011, Monica moves to USA, and works for several renowned violin makers, among them, Larry Wilkie in Connecticut and Michael Fischer in California. She establishes herself in the Washington DC Area in late 2013, and starts working part time at Potter Violin Company and part time at her own violin shop, were she dedicates most of her time to new instrument making, but also offers instrument repairs/restaurations and sound adjustments.
Monica was accepted to participate in the prestigious “Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop”, in 2014 and 2015, in Oberlin, Ohio. She is a member of the “Violin Society of America” since 2008. Monica is also a member of Luthiers Sans Frontières (Luthiers without borders) and has volunteered twice for trips of several weeks to Cuba to repair instruments and train students in the art of instrument repair and restoration.
Monica builds Violins, Violas and Cellos on her own but she also enjoys collaborating with fellow luhiers during the summer. She built a Violin, a Viola and a Cello in association with Camille Dolibeau, a colleague and friend from the École Internationale de Mirecourt, and her last joint instrument, a Viola, was built in association with Melina Polizzi a Cremona trained colleague and friend.
Monica speaks Spanish, English and French fluently.

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